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Bob Zachmeier

About Bob Zachmeier

Bob Zachmeier was born and raised in Mandan, North Dakota. His parents taught by example that determination and a strong work ethic could achieve almost any goal. As the third of six children, Zachmeier learned early in life to become self-reliant. At the age of sixteen, he owned a fireworks business, complete with billboard and radio advertising. The business helped fund his college education and that of several of his siblings. Zachmeier began investing in real estate in 1982 and became a part-time real estate agent in 2000 at the age of forty. In 2002, he was earning enough from real estate investments to leave his job and end a twenty-two-year career in the defense electronics industry. Since starting in real estate, he has gone from one sale every four months to a sale every twelve hours! In 2004, Zachmeier and his wife, Camille, founded Win3 Realty in Tucson, Arizona. The name reflects their desire to create a win-win-win situation for their clients, the community, and the agents and staff in their company. By sharing his experiences and practical advice as real estate broker, coach, college instructor, author, and lecturer, Bob Zachmeier has helped thousands of people improve their financial well-being.

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