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After 22 years at Texas Instruments/Raytheon, I quit my job and started Win3 Realty with my wife, Camille. Our philosophy was to create a company where every transaction was a win-win-win for the clients (buyers and sellers), the company (employees, agents, and owners), and the community (especially kids). The average agent sells 2-3 homes per year, but since starting Win3 Realty in April, 2004 we’ve averaged more than 300 homes per year. Sharing with others every step of the way is the secret to our success! Read my books to see how we’ve done it and helped others find success too. Check out to change the lives of others and to change your business!

A home sold every 20 HOURS, every day since 2004!

Specialties: Seller Financing, Investors, REO, Shorts Sales, Builders, Conventional Sales, Charitable Giving